Pontifical Legation of the Western Europe


City in the province of Overijssel

St. Gregory the Illuminator Armenian Church

Address: Vriezenveenseweg 174, 7602 PV Almelo, Netherland,

phone + 31546-861026,

Pastor: Rev. Father Mashtots Baghdasaryan, phone: +31 618611158

The Divine Liturgy is celebrated every Sunday at 10:30 am.

The number of Armenians is about 6,000.

In 1991, with the donation of the local Armenians, a school building was purchased. One of the halls was used as the church sanctuary; the rest served as a Sunday school. In 2002 it was sold. From donations as well as the profit from the sale a new church was built: St. Gregory the Illuminator Church. It was consecrated in November 2003 by the Pontifical Legate of Western Europe, His Eminence Archbishop Gyut Naggashyan. On April 24, 2014, a memorial to the victims of the Armenian Genocide was built in the church area.

The Chairman of the Grigor Lusavorich Church Counci is Mr. Onik Gelij,

phone: +31612430946,

The church has:

 – “St. Gregory the Illuminator” Youth Union.

 – Women’s Union of the Church, responsible: Hasmik Demirchyan,

phone: + 031650469314,

  – “St. Mesrop Mashtots” Sunday School, which has about 90 students is divided into Eastern Armenian and Western Armenian groups. There are 5 classes.

The Director: Svetlana Andreasyan,

phone: +031619216557,

– There are 5 ordained deacons and about 20 scribes.

– There are approximately 25 members of the choir.

– Lessons for deacons and scribes.

– “Zartonk” Armenian dance ensemble.