Pontifical Legation of the Western Europe


Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin was founded in 301 at Vagharshapat. Holy Etchmiadzin is the supreme spiritual and administrative center of the Armenian Apostolic Church. Here lies the Mother Cathedral, a symbol of the eternity of the Armenian people and their faith. The Cathedral was founded through a vision of Gregory the Illuminator and by the efforts of King Tiridates III.

The spiritual leader of the Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Christians is His Holiness and the Catholicos of All Armenians, who is elected by the National Ecclesiastical Assembly convened in the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin. The first Armenian Catholicos was St. Gregory the Illuminator, who was consecrated in 301 in Caesarea by Cappadocian bishops. The current 132nd Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of All Armenian is His Holiness Karekin II.

The Holy See of Etchmiadzin is famous for its historical monuments, museums, libraries and the Cathedral which summarize the history of the Armenian Church with the unique values ​​of literature and art, the treasures of spiritual culture.